Saturday, June 19, 2010

Mr. T - Mr. T's Commandments (1984)

Here is a humdinger of a pretty horrible album...

From wikipedia:

Mr. T's Commandments is a rap EP for children, released in 1984. In it, Mr. T guides the youth of America with lessons on love and saying "no" to drug use.

Track listing

"Mr. T's Commandment" - 4:59
"Don't Talk to Strangers" - 5:12
"The Toughest Man in the World" - 3:55
"Mr. T, Mr. T (He Was Made for Love)" - 3:21
"The One and Only Mr. T" - 4:46
"No Dope No Drugs" - 4:36
"You Got to Go Through It" - 4:27

Link (192 kbps CBR MP3)

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